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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Cat’s Eyes

Q. Can Cats See In The Dark ? A. Cats have the ability to see 6 times better than a human can see in the dark. Cats can also see in near total darkness due to their tapetum lucidum. The…
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Diabetes In Cats – Q and A

diabetic cat 3

A dangerous number of cats are developing diabetes. Diabetes is a disease when your cat’s body does not have the ability to produce enough insulin to balance glucose levels, or blood sugar. If untreated, diabetes can result in weight loss,…
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Obesity In Cats

Obesity in cats, as well as dogs has become the top nutritional concern for cats across the United States. A 2016 survey taken by the Association For Pet Obesity Prevention also know as (APOP), found that nearly 59% of cats are suffering…
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