Help Satisfy Your Cat’s Hunting Instinct at Mealtime

By March 9, 2019Cat Health


Cat’s have a natural desire to hunt. This keeps them active, ensuring a healthy body weight. If you have an indoor only cat, they may be bored and unchallenged. Make feeding time feel more like hunting for your cat with these simple steps.


  • Rather than feeding your cat one large meal, space them out between 4-6 meals per day.

  • If you have an active cat, hide their meals throughout the house, at different heights. (make sure to check that they are finding their food)

  • Offer your cat a food puzzle, or a treat ball that can help stimulate their minds. This makes them think of how to get their food. Also, this helps with play and exercise time. Once a food puzzle appears to be too easy for them, switch it up.

  • Cats like to enjoy a meal in privacy. If you have other pets, try separating them for meal time.


Utilizing some of these methods can help keep your cat entertained, as well as active while you’re away during the day. While this benefits your cat, it also helps take responsibility off of you. Instead of meowing when they’re hungry, they’ll start searching the house for their meal. Cats that are challenged at mealtime tend to be happier; more physically fit and have less behavioral issues.