Do Not Use Scissors To Remove Your Cat’s Mats.

By December 30, 2017Blog

Don’t cut off your cat’s mats with scissors


Ouch! You try to remove your cat’s mats by carefully cutting them with scissors and you accidentally cut your cat’s skin. This is a common occurrence and causes many trips to the veterinarian.

Where did this start and why is my cat so matted?


Often a cat’s fur will become matted because of health issues. Especially if your cat has never had mats before. Many illnesses can cause a cat to groom less. When cats don’t feel good their grooming habits change.

Severely overweight cats may also have problems grooming. Often they just can’t reach the area they need to groom.

Long haired healthy cats may also develop mats. Long haired cats benefit from routine brushing.


How Do I prevent this issue?


Most cats enjoy being brushed. Brush your cat’s coat daily. This should help reduce your cat’s undercoat and also reduce mats.

Make sure your cat is not overweight. Overweight and especially obese cats have a hard time reaching all areas on their body to groom.

Make sure your cat has regular veterinary check ups and routine blood work. Illness can lead to inadequate grooming.


What if my cat develops mats? Then what?


If all else fails and your cat still develops mats then head to your veterinarian. Your vet can rule out illness and help remove your cat’s mats safely with a proper grooming clippers.



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