Recognizing Pain In Your Cat

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The following may indicate that your cat is in pain :


Not Interested in Food or Water– This could be the first sign that your cat is in pain, a number of different conditions may be responsible for this, including infections, possible cancers, kidney failure, or even pancreatitis. So be sure to call your veterinarian right away if your cat suddenly stops eating.


Lack of grooming– Pain or even illness will cause a kitty to lose interest in self grooming. If your cat is overweight it may be cat-at-vet-150821difficult for them to reach some spots.


Limping- Limping in a cat can be the result of a wide spread in different illnesses. These illnesses range from cancer, to a torn muscle. Some symptoms of a cat in pain and limping are a fever, joint swelling, or even a lump on the painful area.


Hiding a lot- Cats do not like showing that they are in pain, because it makes them vulnerable to bigger and stronger animals. A cat in pain will hide so they decrease the chances of being attacked by a stronger enemy. Obviously cats in your home do not need to be concerned with this. Hiding however is an instinctual behavior, so even though there is not a chance of a larger animal attacking them, cats do not realize this.


Peeing outside of the litter box- This behavior is usually a sign that your cat has a Urinary Tract Infection or that they have associated the litter box with pain.


Drooling a lot- If your cat is drooling this may be a sign of dental disease. Studies show that 85% of cats of the age three years and older have tooth or gum disease. Drooling is also a sign of nausea in cats; nausea can be caused by many different illnesses.


If you notice any of these symptoms in your cat please call your veterinarian right away.


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