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Pill Instructions

1. You may place kitty on table top or between your legs on the floor to work with.

2. Place one hand over top of cat’s head with thumb near one corner of the mouth, and index finger near the other corner of the mouth.

3. Gently tilt cat’s face towards the ceiling.

4. With the other hand, hold pill between index finger and thumb.

5. Use middle finger to open mouth-use nail or tip of finger to separate teeth and gently push down to open.

6. Insert pill into mouth. It is VERY important to place pill all the way back towards the throat, centered on the tongue. Placing too far forward or off to one side makes it easier for kitty to reject the pill.

7. Close mouth, keep face of cat towards the ceiling.

8. While holding the mouth closed and face pointing up, blow a quick puff of air into nose.

9. Release hold on cat’s head, but keep kitty in place. If it was unsuccessful, he/she should reject pill right away. If pill is rejected, try again.


• Wrapping kitty in a towel or blanket is helpful.

• Technicians are available to give a live demonstration and assist with specific troubles you encounter. Please do not hesitate to ask!

To see a video on how to give pills go to:

Pill Pushers

Using pill pushers can work better with some cats. These are available to purchase at anytime!

Note: When using pill pusher, follow instructions as above, however insert loaded pusher through the side of kitty’s mouth instead of the front. Ask us to show you how.

Pill Pockets

Some kitty’s will even take their pills in Pill Pockets, please ask your technician about them today.