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• Mix the prescribed amount of food with enough water so that it is liquid enough to be administered without clogging the syringe, but not too watery (you want to deliver as much food and nutrients per serving as possible).

• Watch for signs of discomfort while feeding such as drooling, licking excessively, etc.

This can indicate your cat is being fed too fast. If this occurs even when you deliver food very slowly, call us for suggestions.

1. Mix food and lukewarm water in a small bowl (be sure to smooth out any chunks, as they may clog syringe).

2. Insert tip of syringe into mixture and pull back on the plunger to fill the syringe.

3. Turn syringe up so that the tip is toward the ceiling. Tap syringe gently to send any air to the tip.

4. Gently push plunger to expel any air.

5. Place your cat in a comfortable position, such as your lap, sitting between legs on the floor, or on a table top, or counter.

6. With one hand hold the top of your kitty’s head so that your thumb is near one corner of the mouth, and the other fingers are near the other corner of the mouth.

7. Gently tilt the head slightly upward to make swallowing easier.

8. With your other hand, insert the tip of the syringe gently into the side of the mouth that your thumb is on. There is a gap between the canine tooth and the next tooth where it is ideal to place the syringe tip.

9. Push the plunger slowly, angled towards the back of the throat.

10. Deliver 1 ml of food, pause allowing your cat to swallow. Repeat until food is gone. Pay attention to your cat’s behavior. If 1 ml is too much to swallow at once, give a little less each time. If your cat seems to be able to swallow more than 1 ml, give a little more each time.