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Odor Eliminators

Anti-Icky Poo

Available for purchase at a number of on-line retailers including and

Nature’s Miracle

Available at a number of chain pet stores like Petco, and can be ordered on-line at a number of sites including

Pheromone Products


Available at many local chain pet stores like Pet Smart and Pet Supplies Plus, also many on-line retailers carry this including and


Pill Pockets

Available at many local chain pet stores like Pet Supplies Plus and smaller pet stores like Pet General Store across the street from the clinic and on-line at many places like and

Freeze dried chicken

Available at Whole Foods grocery store and on-line at and Miscellaneous supplies

Miscellaneous Supplies

Scratching and climbing supplies

These two sites have carpeted steps good for cats that like to scratch stairs and to help elderly cats get onto couches and beds. They also have a large variety of sizes and styles of scratch posts and climbing furniture : or . These 2 websites; and also offer very sturdy and popular scratch posts. For the best variety of corrugated scratch pads, inserts and fun furniture try

Catnip and toys

Good quality organic catnip can be ordered from , locally many pet stores carry Cosmic Catnip which is also very good.


Digital pediatric scales are available at and www .northshorecare. com