Welcome to Northern Illinois Cat Clinic

Here you and your cat are treated like family. We begin the tour in our home-like reception area where there are no barking dogs or loud noises to scare your furry companion. The environment is calm and relaxed, many cats who normally are very stressed for their veterinary visits do surprisingly well at our office.

Some cats are more comfortable in their carriers. Others enjoy exploring and roaming around. If the latter is the case let us know and we will head back to an examination room where your kitty is free to investigate the new environment.

Our reception area is cozy for you as well. We have a snack bar and chocolates for you to enjoy. We keep our wait times as minimal as possible and just let us know if we can do anything to make your visit more pleasing.

Northern Illinois Cat Clinic Tour – Examination Room

After you have made yourself comfortable, one of our technicians will escort you and your cat to an examination room. To read more about our highly skilled technicians, please visit our Meet the Staff page.

Your technician will inquire about the nature of your visit as well as take your cat’s vital signs. Shortly after, you will be joined by one of our doctors who will perform a full physical examination. To learn more about our doctors, please visit our About Us page.

Here at Northern Illinois Cat Clinic we believe in fully educating you as well as keeping you informed about all aspects of your cat’s visit. Your technician will provide you with an estimate of the procedures that will be performed as well as a timeframe. You have the option of running a few errands while we complete the procedures or you are more than welcome to make yourself comfortable in our reception area. Rest assured we go the distance to make sure your cat gets the best care possible.

Northern Illinois Cat Clinic Tour – Procedure Area

Our procedure area is neat and clean to avoid spread of infectious disease. Here you see a kitty under anesthesia having a dental procedure done. We take anesthesia very seriously; all of our patients are monitored extremely closely during any procedure. Much like a human hospital we monitor blood oxygen concentration, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, capillary response time and more. As body temperature is reduced under anesthesia, we have a Bair Hugger warming blanket (again from human medicine) to keep your companion warm and comfortable.

Northern Illinois Cat Clinic Tour – Cozy Cat Environment

Once the procedures are complete, our technicians will provide your cat with a comfortable setting including:

  • a large fluffy bath towel
  • a savory meal
  • fun toys
  • and lots of love!

To complete your visit, your technician will go over all of the procedures performed as well as any instructions you may need. Should your cat need any take-home medications, your technician will provide you with those and demonstrate how to administer the medication to your cat.

For your convenience we accept personal checks, and all major credit cards. We also accept Care Credit®, click here for more information or you can discuss it with your technician.

Northern Illinois Cat Clinic Tour – Cat Condos

When your cat stays with us, have them stay in style! Our luxury condominiums boast six levels of space as well as a separate secluded area for a litter box far away from their dinner spot. These condominiums have glass doors so your kitty can enjoy a picture window view to the outside world where birds flutter and many interesting people walk by.