Northern IL Cat Clinic


What Northern Illinois Cat Clinic’s Clients Are Saying

Photo_Testimonials_104231316_200_300After your first visit at our hospital, we send an anonymous survey and ask for your opinions and reviews. Read what other clients had to say:

  • Waiting room and offices were very comfortable and inviting. Thoughtfulness carried through in the service provided.
  • Thorough and creative approach to solving cat’s problem.
  • We have thoroughly enjoyed each of our visits simply because the staff is always so friendly and helpful.
  • As for my review, this is one of the best facilities I have ever been in.
  • We left previous vets because of a lack of communication and we truly appreciate the time the doctor spends explaining everything to us.
  • I love the cozy appearance of the clinic. I did not feel like we were in a clinic. The bathrooms were clean and neat. The nicest clinic I have ever been in for animals.
  • Please tell Dr. Miller how pleased and happy I have been to have her as our vet. I look forward to the future with our other cat. I know she is in the best hands.
  • I like the warm atmosphere of the waiting room and felt the place was clean and organized.
  • Everyone seems to really love their job and care about what they do. The doctors take time to answer the questions I have.
  • Your clinic provided a more thorough examination and spent more time with my cat than any other vet we have attended in the Chicago area.
  • Photo_Testimonials_139481054_200_300If I had stayed with my former vet, I don’t think my little buddy would still be with me. Thank you!
  • My cat is doing fine and there is no recurrence of the problem.
  • During my first visit I almost thought I was in an office for people, not pets! Very comfortable, attractive, and welcoming place.
  • We like your clinic because we feel that the cats are not afraid of the experience, such as thermometer in ear instead of rectal.
  • I am satisfied with Dr. Miller, I would recommend you to my friends and other cat lovers. Very informative. Calm environment. Doctors really take the time to give you the best service. Awesome customer service.
  • Very clean, calm, and has an at-home feel! Not your average vet. My review : 10 out of 10!
  • Extremely informative. They really sat down and took the time to teach me a lot about my Bengal. They also didn’t rush me in and out like most vets would.
  • Every employee of Northern Illinois Cat Clinic from doctors to receptionists has been incredibly friendly and helpful.
  • I feel the clinic goes above and beyond to accommodate its patients.