Thinking about getting a Bengal cat?

By March 22, 2019Blog

Bengal cats are highly intelligent, curious and very active. They love climbing to high places as well as going for walks on a leash. It’s a bonus if you have an enclosed outdoor living space where their instincts take over and they can bird watch.

Some Bengals love playing in water. You might find your kitty ready to hop in the tub with you. If this isn’t something that excites you, a pet drinking fountain will keep them entertained as well. This breed is a happy and entertaining cat that needs lots of attention. They do best with a person who will be home most of the time, who can play with them. If that doesn’t sound like you, you may want to get two Bengals to keep each other company. They’re known to get along with other family animals, even dogs.

Bengal cats need their brains challenged. Good ways to keep your kitty’s mind working are by teaching them tricks and games. Learning to manipulate toys and puzzles that reward them with food or treats are also good ways to keep them intrigued. Bengals are fun to live with, however when they’re bored they tend to get into trouble. Because they’re so intelligent and curious, they’re capable of taking things apart to see how they work. As well as opening drawers and cabinets to see what kind of treats they can find or “toys” they can play with. If your new kitty realizes that he’s done something that you don’t particularly like, he will do it more often because that means he has your attention. This forces you to interact with him. This cat needs height! The higher they can go, the better it is for them. Cat trees, tall furniture or simple windowsills will help keep your Bengal happy! 

Most people are attracted to the Bengal’s beauty. The Bengal has a beautiful short shiny coat with golden or rust colors throughout. Just as other breeds, their nails need to be trimmed as needed, usually weekly. Brushing weekly will help keep up the shine of their coat and minimize shedding. The earlier you start to groom your cat, the more accepting he will become of having this done.

If you’re looking to have your Bengal on a Raw Food Diet, make sure the meat is always fresh. Raw meat can cause food poisoning, bacteria and parasites particularly in young and older immunocompromised cats. It’s important for your kitty to get the right amount of protein, minerals and vitamins in their diet. Majority of their diet should be high in protein, low in carbohydrates and a moderate amount of fat, while the rest should be made up of minerals and vitamins. While giving a Bengal the alternative commercial cat food, make sure that the product you’re buying has a great balance of protein and nutrients to meet your Bengal’s needs.