What Is A Toybob?

By June 10, 2019Blog

A new cat breed has been recognized! A Toybob is a small cat with a kinked and bobbed tail. They were first documented in the late 1980s in Russia. Toybobs are considered to be the smallest breed of cat, weighing roughly between 1 and 6 pounds. They aren’t a miniature version of any other breed, they’re just tiny! The Toy bob’s origin traces back to two feral pointed cats.

Originally, this new breed was called a “Skif-Thai-Don”. However, it was changed in 1994 to Toybob. It’s smaller in size compared to a normal housecat, but makes up for it’s size with it’s loving and lively personality. Toybobs can be found in countless colors or patterns and they can also have short or semi-long hair.

They’re a naturally healthy breed, not known to suffer from any congenital diseases. They make a great house cat and excel when they’re around the people they love, especially children. However, it’d be best to have supervised playtime with smaller children due to the Toybob’s smaller size. They are incredibly social cats that do no like being alone for extended periods of time, it’s maybe a good idea to have two to keep each other company!