About Us


We have seen it all, this means your kitty is diagnosed fast and most importantly gets better quickly. Dr. Schmidt has dedicated the last 34 years to feline specific veterinary medicine; Dr. Miller, the last 16. Every year veterinarians must complete 20 hours of “continuing education” to maintain their professional license. They basically have to go to school for this amount of time. Most veterinarians divide these 20 hours of learning over multiple species of animals. This sacrifices their ability to focus their learning. Each year, Dr. Miller and Dr. Schmidt focus these 20 hours specifically to becoming a better cat veterinarian, learning more about your cat, what health issues your cat may develop, and how to treat and prevent these issues. They have a combined 41 years of diagnosing, prognosing, and successfully treating feline illness and disease.


The first time you and your kitty come to our hospital, you will spend about an hour with our cat veterinarians. We NEVER rush you or your questions. Your information is a vital part of your cat’s health care. We know this and we value your input. Everything we think, do, and recommend will be explained to you thoroughly.

We care for your cat when they are here of course, but it doesn’t stop there. After each visit, we call the next day to check on your feline companion. We want to make sure if they were sick, they are now feeling better. If your cat came in for a routine visit we make sure they are settled back in at home.


We don’t start your cat on medications without diagnostically investigating the source of illness. Medications, although useful, come with side-effects. Why start medication which could potentially harm your companion without knowing what is wrong? Our hospital sees many second, third and even fourth opinion cases where sadly, the wrong medication was chosen out of guesswork by one or more previous veterinarians.

Our hospital follows the most up to date and current guidelines when treating your cat. Many veterinarians still use drug protocols and perform procedures by dated standards. Sadly there is no “official agency” that spot checks veterinary clinics. How do you know the needles and surgical instruments they use are sterile? Do they disinfect their facility properly? Might they use drugs that have more side-effects than other drugs to save money? Many clients are unaware of this “lacking” in regulatory standards in our profession. This simply means all veterinary clinics are certainly not the same. This is YOUR baby, come to us and make sure they are treated with a high and proper standard of care.


There is an unmentioned, implicit trust when your cat leaves your arms to go with a technician and have his or her treatments done. You do not want someone with a questionable background holding your baby. Our technician staff averages 4 plus years tenure and we run background checks on all new employees. We treat your cat with love, kindness, and most importantly understanding. Let’s face it most kitties don’t “want” to come to the veterinarian. Growls, hisses and defense mechanisms are natural for cats. We understand this and know they are scared. We offer your cat treats, work slowly and gently and talk quietly to calm your kitty. A little catnip (with your prior approval of course) never hurts either.

To know your cat is in loving and trusting hands is so important. Talk about “unsaid value”. If a technician just finished wrestling with a Saint Bernard do you want your cat to be next on their list? You never have to worry about that here.


We are one of the only hospitals in the area to offer payment plans. We understand veterinary expenses are often unexpected. We will work with you. Money is secondary; caring for your cat is our first priority. Ask about our payment plans if you need this assistance.


Our equipment is the “latest” and “greatest”, as we like to put it. New equipment is vital in proper diagnosis. Many hospitals “save” money by using out of date, aged diagnostic tools. Unfortunately standard of care suffers when this happens. Our clinic avoids saving extra cash (although that sounds silly) and instead invests in new equipment. We admire our new ultrasound, digital x-ray, digital dental x-ray, new anesthetic units, an anesthetic body warmer (Bair Hugger), Doppler blood pressure units, tono-pens, and anesthetic monitoring equipment. Some of the names you may not recognize, but the important thing to know is we have the equipment to accurately diagnose and treat your cat. Clients remark to our hospital manager Bryan all the time about how they wish we took care of humans too.