Can Random Noises Cause Seizures In My Cat?

By November 27, 2015Cat Health
Can the clicking of a computer mouse cause a seizure?

Can the clicking of a computer mouse cause a seizure?

A new study published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery finds high pitched noises can cause some older cats to suffer seizures. The most common noises were :

  • Tin foil crinkling
  • A metal spoon clanging in a ceramic food dish
  • Tapping on glass
  • Paper and plastic bags being crinkled
  • Clicking noises from a computer keyboard and the clicking of a mouse
  • Coins clicking together and the jangling of car keys
  • Hammering a nail
  • Even the clicking of our tongues!

These sounds cause cats prone to this disorder to experience electrical activity in the brain that may result in a seizure. 

Why some cats and not all? – Genetics and aging can play a role, also infections and high concentrations of sodium or sugar in the blood are thought to be contributors to the condition.

People can suffer from noise-triggered seizures as well. In cats this is called the “Tom and Jerry Syndrome”. This condition may be treatable with medication. 

Seizures in cats can range from non-convulsive seizures – to small jerks of a muscle or group of muscles – to loss of consciousness and several minutes of body stiffness and jerking. 

Remember, seizures can be caused by many different conditions. If you notice your cat having a seizure please call your veterinarian right away as they can be very scary to your cat and potentially life threatening. 

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