How Much Does A Cat Dental Cleaning Cost

Yearly dental cleanings for your cat are very important. By age 3 over seventy percent of cats have dental disease. Knowing what a dental procedure costs allows you to plan early and work this into your budget.

A dental cleaning is performed under anesthesia. Before your cat is anesthetized blood work should be done. This will tell your veterinarian if your cat can safely have this procedure. Blood work can range but should cost between $100 and $150.  

The dental cleaning itself will include multi parameter anesthetic monitoring by a veterinary technician, iv catheter and fluids for safety, ultrasonic scaling and polishing of the teeth as well as a fluoride treatment. The entire cost should run $250 to $300.

While under anesthesia your veterinarian will look for signs of other problems. Some veterinarians will perform digital dental x-rays like your dentist does. Full mouth x-rays are a good idea and will normally cost $50 to $150.

After x-rays are taken if your veterinarian sees teeth that need to be extracted they will alert you. Diseased teeth should not be left in the mouth as they can abscess and cause other health problems. Dental extractions will range from $15 to $80 depending on the size of the tooth.

Most complete dental cleanings with run around $400 to $500. If done yearly, dental cleanings should not be expensive. Just like in people dental health affects your cat’s overall health condition. By being proactive with yearly dental cleanings you will save your kitty mouth pain and save yourself money on dental extractions and complicated dental procedures.

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