Northern IL Cat Clinic


When you trust us with your cat’s health, you’re putting your cat in good hands. Our staff is skilled and educated in feline care and medicine. Let us introduce you to our cat care professionals:

Meet Dr. Schmidt
Dr. Rebecca Schmidt founded the Northern Illinois Cat Clinic located in Libertyville Illinois in 1982. At that time, Dr. Schmidt was one of only 15 veterinarians in the United States limiting her practice to cats. Dr. Schmidt graduated with honors from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1973. She was the first female veterinarian to complete a post graduate internship at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1975. Dr. Schmidt has a special interest in feline internal medicine. Her fascination is motivated by the cat’s ability to hide disease symptoms and resist human intervention. Dr. Schmidt’s dedication, experience, knowledge of feline medicine and surgery, and gentle touch combine to make her a special member of the Northern Illinois Cat Clinic PC Team.Dr. Schmidt is a member of:

American Association of Feline Practitioners
American Veterinary Medical Association
Chicago Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Schmidt and her husband have two cats at home: Mike and Claire. Their two children are grown and now have cats of their own.


Meet Dr. Miller
Dr. A. Michelle Miller received her Bachelor’s degree in Zoology at Eastern Illinois University. She then graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. After graduation, she moved to Elkhart, Indiana and spent the next 11 years practicing general small animal medicine and surgery. While in Indiana, she served on the Board of Directors for the local Humane Society, spoke regularly at local schools about pet healthcare and vetted the cats for the local 4-H Society’s cat shows. It was during those years that Dr. Miller developed her interest in feline medicine as she realized that the feline population was underserved. Her favorite field is geriatric medicine and helping owners balance the myriad health issues that beset the elderly cat. Dr. Miller is a member of:

American Association of Feline Practitioners
American Veterinary Medical Association
Chicago Veterinary Medical Association

To support a strong desire to concentrate her medical and surgical skills on only cats, Dr. Miller joined the Cat Clinic in 2001. She is owned currently by three cats; Spike and Gus, trouble making boys and Dyna, an outgoing and photogenic cat that is often seen on the clinic’s computer monitors. When not working, she can usually be found in the garden or out cycling.

Bryan: Hospital Manager – Joined our team – at birth

Coming from a pair of veterinarian parents, animal love and care was bred into him. When you discuss developing radiographs as a twelve year old, experience is an understatement. Striving to keep the best staff, provide the best medicine, and emanate customer service, he keeps a busy schedule. If you need anything at all, ask for Bryan.

Photo_Bryan Schmidt
Photo_Nicole Heiser

Nicole: Head Technician – Joined our team – 5/16/2011

Nicole graduated in 2011 from Carroll University with a biology degree (emphasis in animal behavior). Nicole once worked at a pet store and currently volunteers her time at an animal shelter in Wisconsin. She has one sweet kitty at home named Frankie. Frankie has health issues of his own and is a frequent visitor of our clinic. Nicole is extremely pleasant to deal with and always strives to do her best. She has a gentle touch which the kitties sure appreciate.

Karina: Front Desk Joined our team – 6/1/2013

Prior to our clinic, Karina worked in human pediatric medicine for 3 years. Working with kids can be challenging as most are afraid of the doctor’s office. Her warm smile and gentle touch worked well with the children and now our patients benefit from the same. Recently Karina rescued a kitten from a “fast food” restaurant parking lot. The kitten is now safe, sound and healthy because she was so kind.

ashley for website 3

Ashley : Technician Joined our team – 7/15/2015

Ashley is new to our team, she recently obtained her Veterinary Assistant degree. Ashley loves cats and lives with two adorable kitties, Raja and Dahlia.

Toni : Appointment Manager Joined our team – 10/1/2014

Toni handles all of our appointment scheduling and treatment planning. You may also see her in the front office and helping the technicians. If you need a payment plan for upcoming procedures, she is the person to ask for. Toni lives with two very cute cats, Mia and Minnie.

toni web

Kelly: Certified Veterinary Technician Joined our team – 8/2015

Kelly received her CVT license in 2008. She previously worked at a feline only hospital for years and truly understands how to take care of cats. Kelly shares her home with her two cats Tiki and Haze. Tiki is a beautiful Savannah cat who loves water, takes baths and reluctantly sits on command. Haze is a fast learner and happily sits on command. Kelly drives to our clinic every day from the Milwaukee area – now that is commitment! Kelly’s hobbies include : working out, reading, and bowling – she currently has a 147 average , not bad!! Say hi to Kelly next time you come in!


Amber : Technician Joined our team – 6/2016

Amber attended Harper College and obtained her CNA certificate. She completed the phlebotomy (blood drawing) program and internship in 2011. Amber has a passion for anything in the medical field and hopes to further her education in this regard. She owns 3 cats – Oreo, Meow Meow, and Binx. She also has various reptiles at home. In her spare time Amber enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband and two sons. Prior to working at our clinic she was a stay at home mom for 3 years.


Vincent : Assistant Joined our team – 11/2016

Vincent works part time and does many different things throughout the clinic, from filing to inventory to writing blogs, he does a great job! When Vincent is away from the clinic He enjoys playing basket ball and traveling. He recently spent a week in Greece! Vincent lives with two very cute cats, Mia and Minnie. If you noticed Toni and Vincent’s cats have the same name, Vincent is Toni’s son!

Rosa : Technician Assistant – Joined our team – 6/20/2013

Rosa wears many hats at our hospital. Rosa shops for all of our supplies, helps take care of the kitties that are staying with us, cleans and disinfects pretty much every area of the hospital, and maybe most importantly, makes sure everyone is smiling and having a good day. Rosa has two grandsons – Adrian and Emanul who she takes care of when she is not with us. She also has three cats at home, Cha-Cha, Linda and Bella.