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A transdermal medication is formulated to take a dose of medication into your cat’s bloodstream through the skin. This is not a perfect method for all cats or even for all medications. Sometimes one cat will absorb an appropriate dose and yet another will not. Research is still ongoing in this area and in the future you may see more medications being offered in this form.

While you are trying this medication please be sure to follow the directions carefully, report any problems that you notice to the clinic and follow the doctor’s  recommended recheck protocol.

Storage and Handling

• Do not refrigerate

• Store at room temperature

• If the product separates, call or bring to the clinic for remixing

• The manufacturer recommends that you wear gloves for handling

• You may also use latex finger cots for handling

• Wash your hands after handling the medication

Proper use

• Alternate which ear is used for each dose

• Clean the old medication off of the ear before each new dose, using a tissue or cotton ball and water (a little soap if necessary). This is VERY important, as the new dose will not be absorbed if the old medication is not washed off.

• Place proper dose on hairless area near ear tip (or on gloved finger and then onto ear)

• Fold tip of ear over and gently massage to spread the medication evenly

Refilling medication

• Please call the office at least 5 business days before you run out of medication so that we may re-order it